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    Thursday Night Quota League

What Is the Thursday Night Quota League?

(Un)officially, it's an "after-work golf league" that meets on Thursdays as long as the weather permits in the UCMGA season, which is 3/11/2021 though about 10/14/21. In early Spring and Fall, we need to start around 4:15- 4:30. As it stays lighter longer, we move those tee times back to accommodate more players with 9-5 gigs (hopefully). The rules are:

  • For each Thursday, we will reserve 4 tee times from approximately 5:15 to 5:45. Again, in the Spring and Fall, times are about an hour earlier. 
  • $5 cash entry. Enter your name on the sheet for that week in the book, and record your points when you have completed your round. 
  • If at all possible, please try to show up and play during the above time window; however...
  • If you can't make it in the time window, you may play your 9-hole quota league round at any time on that Thursday; you are not required to play during the specified 'after-work' tee times. Or, kick in another $5 and play again with everyone else. (We realize this provision to play any time isn't popular with everyone, but if it increases the weekly pot, word-of-mouth advertising about better payouts will cycle through the club; that can only help us.) Two non-negotiable stipulations: 
  1. You must play—and complete—your quota round(s) that same Thursday, no exceptions.
  2. You DO NOT need to be a Ute Creek Men's Golf Association member; however, you must have an active GHIN. And remember, you cannot play alone; You must play with another quota competitor.
  • Gross scores only are used to determine points; ALL players play from the blue tees.
  • Show goes on, weather prermitting, all season long... just show up and play; however, also...
  • From 5/20 through 8/12/2021 if you show up and play quota on Thursday, UCMGA members are awarded +15 points in the season-long Ute Creek Cup race.

How do I win?

First-Time Quota Determination (applies ot ALL players in your first 2021 quota round):

Step 1: determine your course handicap from the blue tees: CH = Handicap Index * (123/113)

Step 2: subtract this CH from 36, and then divide that result by 2; this is your starting quota for 9 holes. Players are awarded points based on performance on each hole (gross score only, handicap indices are not used except for first-time quota determination). The player that beats their quota by the highest number of points is the winner that week. The number of places paid is 25% of the number of entries; the points schedule is:

  • +16 Points for a Double Eagle
  • +8 Points for an Eagle
  • +4 Points for a Birdie
  • +2 Points for a Par
  • +1 Point for a Bogey
  • 0 Points for a Double-Bogey, and
  • -1 Point for a Triple-Bogey or worse

Payout Schedule is according to the Number of Places Paid table under #8, Distribution of Purse Money, in the General Tournament Guidelines and Payout Information section on page 9, above. A copy of this table will be posted next to the rules on the UCMGA bulletin board.

Point Quota Adjustments:

If you exceed or fall short of your quota by 4 points or more, your quota will be adjusted up or down for your next quota round by 50% of the difference.

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