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    Thursday Night Quota League

~You do not need to be a UCMGA Member to play quota - you just need an active GHIN~

What Is It?

(Un)officially, it's an "after-work golf league" that meets on Thursdays if the weather permits during Daylight Savings Time (mid-March to early November). Before May 9 and after August 8, we start at 4:00. As it stays lighter more hours, we move those times back. The rules are:

  • For each Thursday from 5/9-8/8/2024, we will reserve 4-5 tee times starting at approximately 5:00 PM. Again, in the spring and fall, times are about an hour earlier and the set-up is a little less formal.
  • $5 Cash entry. Enter your name on the sheet for that week in the book, and record your points when you have completed your round.
  • Optional: $1 per par 3 for closest to pin (adds $2 when we play the front, $3 when we play the back).
  • Gross scores only are used to determine points; ALL players play from the Blue tees.
  • Show goes on, weather permitting, all season long...just show up and play; however, also...
  • From 5/9 through 8/8/2024 if you show up and play quota on Thursday, UCMGA members are awarded +5 points in the season-long Ute Creek Cup race.

How Do I Win?

First-Time Quota Determination (applies to ALL players in your first 2024 quota round): Using the table in the front of the Quota League book, determine your starting quota from your Handicap Index. ALL players will use this method to establish only their starting quota (e.g., this method is used before your first quota round in 2024 only).  
Players are awarded points based on performance on each hole (gross score only). The player that beats their quota by the highest number of points is the winner that week.
            +16 Points for a Double Eagle
            +8 Points for an Eagle
            +4 Points for a Birdie
            +2 Points for a Par
            +1 Point for a Bogey
            0 Points for a Double-Bogey, and
            -1 Point for a Triple-Bogey or worse
The number of places paid is according to the guidlines in the front of the quota book: ≤ 5 players is 1 winner (100%), 6-10 players is 1ˢᵗ & 2ⁿᵈ place (60% / 40%), 11-15 players is 3 places (50% / 30% / 20%), and 15-20 players is 4 places (35% / 30% / 20% 15%). For 21 players, or more, the number of places paid should be equal to 25% of the number of participants and paid out according to the table in Section 8 of the handbook.

Point Quota Adjustments:

Once your starting quota has been determined, there is no need to recalculate.  If you exceed or fall short of your quota by 4 points or more, your quota will be adjusted up or down for your next quota round by 50% of the difference.  Otherwise, your quota will remain unchanged for the next week.



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