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Each course offers challenging and interesting layouts for golfers of all skill levels.

Let our professional staff take care of your every golfing need including instruction, golf car rentals, golf club rentals, pro shops, and tournaments.

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 Sunset Golf Course will be closed on 9-12-18
Ute Creek Golf Course will be closed 9-17-18
Twin Peaks Golf Course will not for close for fall aeration

Ute Creek is proud to announce that we retain our standing as a Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary! See our recent press release below.



CONTACT: Allie Eustis, Program Specialist

(518) 767-9051, Ext. 116

Ute Creek Golf Course Recognized for Environmental Excellence

LONGMONT, CO – Ute Creek Golf Course has retained its designation as a "Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary” through the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Golf Courses, an Audubon International program.

Participation is designed to help course personnel plan, organize, implement, and document a comprehensive environmental management program and receive recognition for their efforts. To reach certification, a course must demonstrate that they are maintaining a high degree of environmental quality in a number of areas including: Environmental Planning, Wildlife & Habitat Management, Outreach and Education, Chemical Use Reduction and Safety, Water Conservation, and Water Quality Management.

"Ute Creek Golf Course has shown a strong commitment to its environmental program. They are to be commended for their efforts to provide a sanctuary for wildlife on the golf course property," said Christine Kane, CEO at Audubon International. 

Ute Creek Golf Course is one of 45 courses in Colorado and 905 courses in the world to hold the honor. Ute Creek is also one of the most popular golf courses in northern Colorado, designed by the Robert Trent Jones II Group. The golf course was designated as a Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary in 2013. After designation, courses go through a recertification process every three years. 

This year the recertification process, coordinated by Dan Reese, Sr. Maintenance Technician required a visit by a local community representative. Deryn Davidson, Horticulture Extension Agent at Colorado State University, was given a tour of the course and sent her observations to Audubon International. 

“We see the site visit as an important component of a course’s recertification,” stated Kane. “It provides an objective verification of some of the more visible aspects of the course’s environmental management activities. In addition, it offers an opportunity for golf course representatives to share publicly some of the voluntary actions they have taken to protect and sustain the land, water, wildlife, and natural resources around them.”

About Audubon International

Audubon International is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) environmental education organization dedicated to providing people with the education and assistance they need to practice responsible management of land, water, wildlife, and other natural resources. To meet this mission, the organization provides training, services, and a set of award-winning environmental education and certification programs for individuals, organizations, properties, new developments, and entire communities. 

For more information, contact Audubon International at 120 Defreest Drive, Troy, NY 12180, 1-844-767-9051, e-mail at, or visit the website at


Men's City Golf Championships

Longmont City Golf Championships


Download the Men's City Golf Championship entry form now.

All participants must be at least 18 years old with a current GHIN # and be a resident of Longmont or a member of the Sunset, Twin Peaks or Ute Creek Men’s Golf Associations.

TOURNAMENT FORMAT: Friday the field will be split between Sunset G. C. (two waves) and Ute Creek G.C. with players changing courses on Saturday. Sunday all participants will compete at Twin Peaks G.C. On Saturday, July 14th, at Ute Creek G.C. starting at 6:00pm, a Social Event with food and drink for all players and guests will be held.

Cost for non player is $10.00, to be paid with your entry form. Please indicate the total number of people who will attend on the bottom of this form. All participants will be flighted by handicap unless player declares Championship flight. USGA Rules will govern all play. Field will be limited to the first 140 players registered. Tee times will be available on Wednesday July 12th after 6:00pm at participating golf courses.

Entry Fee is $150.00 With any Longmont City Golf Pass the Entry Fee is $110.00 (Range Balls included all three days) Twin Peaks Golf Course Attn: Keith Martin Men’s City Tournament 1200 Cornell Drive Longmont, CO 80503-2154 Entry forms can be mailed to: Entry Forms can also be left at the Pro Shop at any of the participating golf courses.



Post Date:  5/15/18
Week of May 7
  • This week we have been able to accomplish quite a bit. We have insulated the exterior wall, started the drywall, flooring in pro shop, started the tongue and groove under the patio, and started the hood installation.
  • Monday we are scheduled to finish the hood installation. They will have a crane out there Monday morning to install the roof piece of the hood. Drywall is scheduled to be completed by Wednesday, and will then start painting.


Post Date:  5/7/18
First week of May
  • Completed the rough electrical this week, and rough electrical inspection has passed.
  • This week we have also been able to complete the truss repair around the hood.
  • Next week we are scheduled to start insulation, drywall, flooring install, patio ceiling wood, and hood install. The insulation is scheduled for Monday and drywall will start on Tuesday.


Post Date:  4/26/18
Week of April 16
  • This week was able to be very productive. We have completed the lower two offices and hallway carpet.
  • We have started the kitchen tile. Our installer will be there this weekend and will continue into next week. The exterior siding was mostly completed this week, and will continue into next week.
  • Next week we will continue on the tile, exterior siding, and electrical.


Post Date:  4/16/18
Week of April 9
  • We started the rough electrical, fire alarm system, and the kitchen floor prep. We were also able to get the countertops templated on Monday.
  • Next week we will continue the rough electric. The fire alarm system install will be completed on Monday.
  • Tuesday we are scheduled to have the store front window installed.
  • Wednesday we are scheduled to finish the exterior siding and install the carpet in the lower offices/hall.
  • Thursday we will start the kitchen floor tile.


Post Date:  4/9/18
Week of April 2
  • This week we have completed all the bathroom, and lower hallway paint. We also we able to frame one of the kitchen walls in metal for the hood requirements.   The new sliding doors were installed.
  • Next week will consist on installing the electrical.


Post Date:  4/2/18
Week of March 26
  • This week we were able to finish all of the duct work, and frame in the patio bar wall. The HVAC is now ready for a rough inspection.
  • Next week we are scheduled to have the lower two offices and the upstairs bathrooms painted. We will also start prepping the concrete floor to remove all the old adhesive. 


Post Date:  3/26/18  3:32pm

Twin Peaks Update for week of March 19th

This week we were able to paint all the exterior that we could until the remaining siding is installed.

This weekend our HVAC crew will be installing all the duct work. We plan on having most of the HVAC completed this weekend.

Next week we are scheduled to frame up the patio bar, and continue the siding around the bar. If any HVAC work is not completed this weekend we will finish it next week.


Post Date:  3/19/18     11:41am
Week of March 12
  • We were able to replace the entire roof and rough framing.
  • Next week we are scheduled to finish the patio bar wall, and start on the HVAC towards the end of the week. We are also scheduled to start the exterior painting.


Post Date:  3/12/13     2:25pm

Week of March 5th

  • able to complete 90% of the exterior patio.
  • have the rough framing completed this weekend.
  • inspection is scheduled for next Monday. Once the inspection passes we are scheduled to start the roof on Tuesday. The roof will take about 3 days.
  • Once the roof is completed we will be able to focus on the interior.
  • Still waiting for the electrical layout,
  • Starting to building the HVAC ducting. 
 To view the progress, cycle through the slideshow below: 


Post Date:  3/5/2018   2:14pm
  • Last week the concrete was removed and replaced.  The plumber and the electrician ran their rough lines when the concrete was removed.
  • The framers are scheduled for Monday, March 5th to start the patio cover and will be there at least 2-3 days.
  • The patio and bar area is scheduled to start framing on Tuesday, March 6. Once the framing is completed  the damaged siding will start to be replaced.  That crew will be there March 6 - March 9.
  • The HVAC has been approved to start the week of the 12th. 


Post Date: 1/29/2018  2:10pm
  • This week we were able to complete the remaining sheathing on the roof. 
  • We also installed tar paper on the roof to help dry it in while we wait for the shingles to be replaced. 
  • Week of the 29th , we will start on the interior framing. That will consist of the door between the pro shop and kitchen, reframing the bar top, and reframing the closet. 

Fire Update! 

Post Date: 1/12/2018  12:13pm
Meeting Date: January 22, 2018
Agenda Item: New Business
Subject: Twin Peaks Clubhouse Update
Presenter: Jeff Friesner
Suggested Action: Information
Please find listed below the current update for the Twin Peaks Clubhouse:
  1. October 28th - Fire occurred.
  2. October 28th – The City contracted with All Phase Restoration for mitigation of Fire Damage. All debris from the fire has been removed, excluding damage done to roof in the dining hall. Cost of this work was nearly $60,000. This was covered by the City’s insurance.
  3. October – December - Staff worked with Insurance Claims Specialists.
  4. Late December – City’s Insurance defined the cost to restore the Clubhouse at $231,000.
  5. December – All Phase was contracted to complete the restoration of the Clubhouse. City Staff and Keith Martin participated in four design meetings with All Phase.
  6. January 9th – City’s Building Division approved work to begin on the dining room roof. Seven trusses need to be replaced. The new trusses have been delivered to All Phase. All Phase is currently working on HVAC and Electrical drawings that will need to be approved by Building inspection.


WE'RE OPEN! Twin Peaks is open for business

Post Date: 11/01/2017 10:15am
Hoorah! We are operational once more, though services are limited. We have two portable toilets outside and a red check-in trailer down by the golf carts. The clubhouse is closed until further notice, but you may see volunteers and construction crews heading in and out for cleaning and refurbishing. Please bypass the clubhouse and head straight down to the red trailer on the west-side ramp to start your round. As always, to get the best prices, book your tee time online at


Twin Peaks to open 8:30am, Wednesday, Nov 1

Post date: 10/31/2017  6pm
Great news! ⛳ Twin Peaks Golf Course will be open on Wednesday, November 1 starting at 8:30am. Our golf staff will be operating out of a portable trailer while the Clubhouse is closed. There will be portable toilets outside but limited services available at the course because of the clubhouse closure, so plan accordingly.
Customers will be able to book a tee time through for Wednesday or into the future after 8:30am. For those who want to get out first thing Wednesday morning after the frost clears, you are welcome to drop-in and register in-person or call the Twin Peaks Golf Course at 303-651-8401. Phones will continue to be routed to our Recreation Services staff until Wednesday morning.
For more information about our courses and to book a tee time online, please visit the Twin Peaks booking engine or follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter.

Twin Peaks Expected to Reopen Wednesday, Nov 1

Post Date: 10/30/2017  5:41pm
Twin Peaks Golf Course will remain closed on Tuesday, October 31 due to a recent fire, but we hope to reopen on Wednesday, November 1, especially since it is supposed to be a beautiful Colorado 70 degree day! Come support Twin Peaks as we rebuild our clubhouse. For updates, check this page and follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter.

Twin Peaks Golf Course and Clubhouse Closed Saturday and Sunday

Post Date:10/28/2017 1:51 pm

Due to a fire early Saturday morning, Twin Peaks Golf Course and Clubhouse will be closed Saturday and Sunday, 10/28 & 10/29. We are working to get operational as soon as we are able. Thank you for your patience. 

All calls to the Twin Peaks Clubhouse are being redirected to our Recreation Services staff.

Remember, both Ute Creek and Sunset Golf courses are still open as weather permits. Please visit our home page to check available tee times. 

Longmont Fire, Police and OEM

October 28 at 12:36pm 

Update as of 6:15pm 10/28/17 - Investigators have finished on scene and while the cause is still undetermined, it was likely an accidental electrical fire.
At approximately 4:35 this morning, fire crews were dispatched to a fire alarm at the Twin Peaks Golf Course clubhouse. The first unit on scene found the east side of the building fully involved and quickly called for more resources. This photo shows the heaviest damage to the outdoor pavilion area. There was also smoke and water damage to some interior areas of the clubhouse. The fire was contained in under an hour and there were no injuries. Investigators are on scene to determine the origin and cause of the fire.
The golf course will be closed until at least Monday morning. Please check back for updates.