Sunset Golf Course Rates

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The cost of a tee time may change from tee time to tee time and from day to day.  
This approach will allow the golfer to find the best rate at the right time.
9-Hole     18-Hole  
Weekday (M-F): $15.00   Weekday (M-F): $23.00
Weekend/Holiday: $16.00   Weekend/Holiday: $24.00
Senior Weekday: $12.00   Senior Weekday: $18.00
Junior Weekday: $9.00   Junior Weekday: $14.00
Twilight Time: 
3:00 PM

All You Can Play Walking: $15.00

All You Can Play Riding: $25.00

Rental Fees

9-Hole     18-Hole  
Golf Car (1 rider): $10.00   Golf Car (1 rider): $15.00
Pull Cart: $3.00   Pull Cart: $5.00
Clubs: $10.00   Clubs: $15.00

Golf car rental fees include all applicable sales tax.

Premium Pass

10-Play Premium Pass     20-Play Premium Pass  
9-hole Weekday (M-F) $130.00   9-hole Weekday (M-F) $240.00
9-hole Sr. Weekday (M-F) 
Some restrictions apply
$100.00   9-hole Sr. Weekday (M-F) 
Some restrictions apply

Sunset Membership

Select Membership
Unlimited individual play
$660   Elite Membership
Unlimited individual play plus golf car use

Annual Pass Sunset & Twin Peaks Pass 3-Course Pass
Adult $495 $745 
Adult (M-F, excl. holidays) $350 $525 
Senior (age 60+) $420 $630 
Senior (M-F, excl. holidays) $295 $445 
Super Senior (age 75+) (M-F, excl. holidays) $145 $220 
Junior $230 $345 
Junior (M-F, excl. holidays) $145 $220 
Family (4 members) $1,015 $1,525 

Annual passes are subject to an additional use fee.  Carts are not included.

Monday – Friday:
$5/9 holes; $8/18 holes

Weekends – Holidays:
$6/9 holes; $9/18 holes


Tee times can be made 14 days in advance.

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