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Vokey Wedge Experience

vokey sm6 wedges promotional imageSome innovations move the needle. Ours moves gravity. 

Experience the Titleist Vokey Design Wedges and learn about the benefits of Progressive Center of Gravity technology, while selecting proper lofts and grinds for your wedge set.

WHERE: Ute Creek Golf Course, 2000 Ute Creek Dr, Longmont, CO 80504

WHEN:  Friday, June 9th, 10am - 12pm

WHAT: The $170 fee includes:

  • Clinic instruction with Tray Shehee, PGA
  • Vokey Wedge fitting with Joel Hounchell, Titleist
  • 1 Vokey SM6 Wedge

HOW: Call the golf shop at 303-774-4342 to reserve your space

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Custom fit wedges lead to more confidence and lower scores

To learn more about the SM6 wedge, visit http://www.vokey.com/wedges/sm6.aspx
Check out the fitting process in this Golf Monthly video: 
What to expect:
  1. We start every fitting with a player and equipment evaluation. For wedge fitting, start with the 9-iron and pitching wedge loft, lie & shaft specs.
  2. Tour pros call it hitting their number. The first shots during a wedge fitting will be for distance gapping and wedge set loft selection.
  3. Bounce and Grind fitting begins with full swings during the distance gap fitting, and continues with shots around the green. We evaluate turf interaction, divots and ball flight to determine the right bounce, grind, and lie angles.
  4. The final step is to hit all of the necessary short game shots, including pitches, chips and bunker shots with multiple grinds. These shots will validate your preferred wedges from the full swing section of the fitting.