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Mizuno Golf Demo and Fitting Day

Are you ready to get your 'Swing DNA'? All it take is 3 swings and 10 minutes to maximize the quality, performance, and enjoyment of your game. In less than half an hour, our Mizuno demo day fitters can help you identify the optimal equipment to help you take your game to the next level. 

WHAT: Mizuno Golf Demo Day

WHO: Anyone seriously interested in demonstrating and being professionally fitted for Mizuno golf Equipment. All skill levels welcome!

WHEN: Friday, Oct. 6th from 3pm to 6pm

WHERE: Twin Peaks Driving Range (1200 Cornell Dr, Longmont, CO 80503, 303-651-8401)

HOW:  Simply drop in at the Twin Peaks driving range during demo hours!

Will you be here for Mizuno Demo Day?
Heck ya! I can't wait to get my Swing DNA
No. I have to skip it this time.
Maybe... I'll have to see what the afternoon looks like.

 The Mizuno Swing DNA:

The Mizuno Swing DNA starts with the state-of-the-art Shaft Optimizer which measures the sequence of forces your swing creates.  The Mizuno Shaft Optimizer is a real shaft that can be attached to any of Mizuno’s demo heads – when you hit a real golf ball.  In just 3 swings the Mizuno Shaft Optimizer can measure everything we need to know – without checking or measuring the ball flight!

The Optimizer’s screen displays 5 data points that create your Swing DNA. The readings are all taken from the shaft rather than the ball – so there’s no pressure to make perfect contact. Your readings for a pure strike and a miss-hit will be the same. The loads your ‘different’ swings place on the shaft are incredibly consistent.

From your Mizuno DNA – we can shortlist 3 suitable shafts for you to test (from over 50 possibilities). The system can’t factor in your personal preferences for feel and sound – that’s down to you. Though it’s a much easier process to make a personal choice from 3 well matched options. From our experience the right shaft could find you 20-30 yards in wasted distance as well as improving your consistency.

Follow the Mizuno magic process from order to delivery from their factory in Scotland: