Ute Creek Golf Course Goat "Mowers"

This spring the City of Longmont contracted to have dozens of goats to sustainably mitigate grass, weeds, and willows around the creek bank on hole #15 at Ute Creek Golf Course.


This was quite a process.  The rancher brought the goats to the course and, with the help of his dogs, herded them in a 20 x 100 square foot area and set them out to graze.  The goats were contained in this area by an electric fence, and the owners were able to keep an eye on them with game cameras posted around the areas.  They were moved daily, and contentedly “mowed” for 5 days. When the goats were heading home, staff was delightfully surprised with a new addition to the mowing team, Pic A.  Happily, the new baby goat was herded home with Mom and Team.

Pic A.


All in all, it was a cool experience and worth trying something new out on the golf course.  The City is excited to be exploring more sustainable and natural options for landscaping in the future!

A big thank you to Goat Bros Grazing Services for providing the “mowers”.





goat4 002